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If there is an underrated designer bag in the world, the one that walks around unnoticed by a lot of fashionista’s, then it would be the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Bag. In terms of price and quality, this handbag is a steal. In terms of design, this bag is matches to the level of Chanel, Dior and LV. The Vara Bag is made to be an effortless, timeless and ladylike handbag, so be prepared to look fabulous.

For those that wants a bigger Vara Bag. One that’s evenly cute but just different in shape. Go to Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Rainbow Bag.

The Design


Chanel has the CC logo, Louis Vuitton has the LV logo and Ferragamo has the bow. Whenever you see a beautiful handbag with a nice cute bow, you will instantly recognize that it’s a creation from this brand. Almost every Ferragamo’s Classic Handbags are made with a bow. The center of the bow is embellished with the house’s signature.

The Vara Bag looks both classy and classic. There somewhat design added to make it more interesting, a bit more vintage. The bag is crafted in smooth leather, but the edges around the flap are highlighted. The bag looks soft, charming and streamlined.

There are multiple ways to carry. You can carry the Vara Bag cross body or just on your shoulder as it comes with a chain and leather strap. This strap can be removed so that it can be transformed into a clutch bag. The calfskin makes sure it’s durable but soft at the same time. This leather is easier to maintain than lambskin.

The best thing about this handbag is that it comes in different bright leather. If you want, there is also a classic black color, but there are plenty of choices.

The Interior


The interior of this beautiful bag is made-up with a main compartment and an internal slot pocket.

The Prices And Sizes

The mini size is measured 5’ x 8’ x 1.5’ (H x W x D) inches, priced $775 USD, €595 euro, $4630 HKD, $879 AUD, ¥77500 JPY.

Where to shop Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Bag?

1. Luisa Via Roma – the Vara Bag is available here in the color black as well.

2. MyTheresa – check for more colors via here.

3. Farfetch – a large collection of the Vara Bag can be found here.

4. Matches Fashion – you might also find more colors here.

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Dior is introducing a new bag after a new bag and we absolutely adore it. For the Cruise 2018 Collection, there is another handbag to choose. The design is different than what we are used to, but some variation in your wardrobe is a good thing, right? So introducing the Dior Stars Wallet On Chain Bag!

The Design


The Dior Star WOC is built with a rectangle shape, just like any Wallet On Chain handbags. It’s small and ideal for the evenings, especially for the night-outs. This is a never-seen-before handbag and if you remove the stars, the design is quite minimalistic.

Each Stars WOC comes in single color with a nice and tiny CD logo in the bottom center. The body is covered with cute little stars and they’re spread evenly throughout the exterior.

Perhaps Dior will release an edition without the stars or with other prints in the future. But for now, we can enjoy the one with star embellished. What’s more? This handbag is refined in gold hardware.

The chain can be removed, so it can be changed into a small clutch or a large wallet. This bag is made from durable and impeccable calfskin leather.

The Interior


This WOC is crafted to help you organize your little necessities. There is a patch pocket on the front and a main compartment. Inside the main compartment, there are several built-in card slots.

The Sizes And Prices

The chain is measured 120 cm, and the bag is sized at 19 x 12 x 3 cm, priced at €1000 euro, £890 GBP via Dior boutiques.

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The Celine Frame Evening Clutch On Chain was already becoming popular, now the Frame Purse On Chain will only help boasting it. Have you ever seen such a cute thing? The Coin And Card Purse looks very similar like the bag edition. So for the bag-addicted, now you can get a bag and a coin/card purse that looks like a bag. How much bag can you handle?

Introduced for the Spring 2018 Collection, let’s talk about the design.

The Design


This Frame Purse On Chain is designed in rectangle shape in bi-color. The shimmering version is actually a new style, even the bag-edition is not crafted from metallic calfskin in the center.

The overall look is still minimalistic (even the metallic version) because it looks simple, easy and relaxing. The center part is crafted in a different color than the edges and the logo is printed on the center bottom of the flap. This mini accessory is made from smooth lambskin, which is luxurious with a nice touch.


The side screw key-holder reveals its functionality. Hang your keys on there. But the biggest secret is its interior and what you can do with it. Let’s dive into that.

The Interior

Take a look at the inside and be surprised. In the interior you will find one zipped pocket, 3 flat pockets and 4 credit card slots. Then it’s refined with calfskin lining.

All that organized storage can be found inside. Who can ever thought that such a small item can have so many compartments? Use this small accessory as a coin purse and card holder at the same time.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 5’ x 3’ inches, priced at $510 USD, €350 euro, £325 GBP, $4000 HKD, ¥5600 JPY, $660 SGD, $640 AUD, ¥3750 CNY via Celine boutiques.

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Since the first-launch of the Rockstud Spike Bag, Valentino has presented this line in different variation of handbags. You have the clutch with hand-slot, the shoulder bag edition but it’s also available in the mini size. However, there was one more style missing, which is what some bag-obsessed are looking for – a maxi size of the Rockstud Spike.

So today we’re introducing the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike Duffle Bag. You can get bigger and more beautiful studded handbag like that!

The Design


Valentino is specializes in creating studded handbags and this Rockstud Spike Duffle is the evidence. Look how beautiful this handbag is – designed in large rectangle shape and refined with pyramid studs all over the body. Take a closer look, this Valentino handbag is also diamond quilted, which helps boasting it’s urban-chic’ness.


The nappa leather feels smooth and soft. The overall look is sophisticated but eye-catching. It’s designed with utmost attention to the tiniest details. For example; take a look at the stunning double zip, supported with leather patch. And the multiple leather strap top handle for shoulder and cross body carry. The leather strap is also embellished with pyramid studs.

The bag is inspired by the roomy shape and easy-going structure of the classic duffel bag. It’s also updated to look sporty-chic. You can use this bag for the gym, the weekends or even as a travel bag.

The Interior


This duffle bag has been made to help you carry as many essentials as possible. Therefore it’s crafted with one big main compartment to maximize the storage. Inside there is also an internal zipped pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 6.5’ x 13’ x 7’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $3195 USD, 2300 euro, $19900 HKD, 350000 JPY, $3520 AUD.

Where to shop The Valenino Rockstud Spike Duffle Bag?

1. MyTheresa – the Rockstud Spike Duffle Bag is available here.

2. Farfetch – more styles can be found here.

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The Bolide Bag has joined in the Hermes Permanent Collection since 1923. It’s one of the iconic handbags just like the Kelly and Birkin Bag. Emile-Maurice Hermes, the grandson of the founder, designed this handbag exclusively for his wife in 1922. It was the first carryall with zip compartment, which was created to replace the usual metallic clasps. When crafting the Bolide Bag, Emile-Maurice Hermes was inspired by cars. This bag can easily be stored in the trunk of a sport car and thus it was given the name ‘sac pour l’auto. Later on the name was changed to Bolide.

For the 21th century and for the sake of fashion forward, Hermes updated the Bolide Bag with this contemporary Bolide 1923 Bag for the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design


The Original Hermes Bolide Bag

Hermes changed some part and kept some part of the original Bolide Bag. If you compare the Bolide 1923 with the original version, you will notice that the new version is much more streamlined. The center leather patch has been removed as well as the stitched line that separated the upper and the lower part. The handles look the same, but it’s a bit tougher and appears to be larger because the size 30 is bigger. And while the original Bolide has a nice feminine curvy/round shape, the newer version is crafted with a big and round peach-like shape.

Both bags come with a chic luggage tag and bottom studs. And both bags are made with a detachable leather strap for shoulder or cross body carry.

The Hermes Bolide 1923 Bag is definitely crafted to look more futuristic, minimalistic but also classic. All the sophisticated lines or unnecessary designs have been removed. Also, this bag is made to maximize the storage because the size is made more round and bigger.

More over, this handbag is crafted from Taurillon Novillo, but there might be more leather options.

The Interior

The interior of the Bolide 1923 bag hasn’t changed much. Of course the inside is bigger, because the bag is also made bigger. When you open the bag, you will find the main compartment, which is quite large. There is also a patch pocket inside. And because this bag is secured with a zipper, no one can enter the bag without your notice when carrying.

The Prices And Sizes

The Hermes Bolide 1923 Bag in size 30 is measured 11.9’ x 9.1’ x 5.1’ (L x H x D) inches and priced at $8050 USD, €5500 euro, £5040 GBP via Hermes boutiques.

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