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Hermès Diabolo



If you’re in the market for a card holder that makes all the right first impressions, look no further than Hermès’ Diabolo for that perfect pedigree. Measuring approximately 10 cm by 6 cm (or just the size for credit or name cards), it’s the one you whip out at that important business meeting or the one you use to keep your Centuarian safe. The choice is yours really.

Priced at SGD620 a piece in Singapore, the Diabolo comes in a variety of Hermès leathers like Epsom calfskin and Mysore goatskin in many different colours (you can even get the one in Noir just to match the aforementioned Centuarian), here comes the bad news. Because of its sleek thin design, you can only store up to 2 credit cards in each Diabolo, or up to 8 name cards, depending on the thickness of each card. But since we’re all about making that good first impression, it shouldn’t really matter, right?

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Gucci Bamboo Top Handle Basket Bag


IMAGE: GUCCIUnless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, you would have seen basket bags all over the place. On Instagram, along Orchard Road, even in your friendly neighbourhood hipster cafe. Yes, woven straw or rattan baskets are officially très chic again, and whether you bought them in Arab Street, Taobao or even the vintage store, you’re now part of the coolest cliques around.


Maybe it’s the collective conscious of wanting to do good (they are pretty environmentally friendly) and the whole living simply movement that makes them so desirable, or maybe it’s because they are generally affordable, hardy and great for everything else besides being a bag because you could also them to house flowers, store fruits or even as picnic baskets.

But if you’re looking for the one that tops everyone else’s basket bag, might I present this one from Gucci, the Bamboo Top Handle Basket Bag. New from their Fall-Winter 2017 collection, the 22 cm by 15.5 cm by 12 cm woven straw basket comes with the iconic Bamboo top handle, completing the look that’s part-vintage, part-hipster and all Alessandro Michele.

Lined with the prettiest of linen fabrics that come printed with tiny roses, the SGD2580 bag is now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore. The good news? There are only 2 pieces for sale, which means you’ll be hard-pressed to see another with the same bag walking down Orchard Road.

Image: Bagaholicboy & Gucci

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Haven’t you heard? There is a new pouch in town to compete with the Chanel O Case. We are not sure whether it can win the battle, but we do know that this new pouch has a long way to go. Introducing the Chanel Front Pocket Pouches from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. Perhaps this pouch will only be available for this season, if so, do you think it’s investable?

The Design


It’s a brand-new pouch because the design is totally different than anything we’ve seen in the past. First, it’s crafted in curvy shape, you can see this clearly on the side. The leather feels more flexible than the O Cases and it might be able to store a bit more items. The front is made with an exterior pocket for easy access to instant essentials. Then it’s finished with a decorated zipper in shiny hardware for closing.

The front also features the CC logo, but is that enough to sway our hearts?

Made from grained calfskin, the interior is colored in burgundy, which an iconic shade of the house.

The Sizes And Prices

There are two sizes available, the small and medium. Here are the details:

Chanel Small Pouch
Size: 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.6’ inches
Prices: $900 USD, €945 euro, £810 GBP, $1520 SGD, $7600 HKD, $1450 AUD, ¥117720 JPY, ¥4325 CNY, 4700 MYR

Chanel Medium Pouch
Size: 8.5’ x 11.6’ x 1.4’ inches
Prices: $1075 USD, €1050 euro, £910 GBP, $8500 HKD, $1610 AUD, ¥130680 JPY, ¥8300 CNY, 5230 MYR

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Louis Vuitton might be better at constructing luggage and travel bags, but Chanel wins the Oscar when it comes to designing classic looks. The Coco Case Trolleys have returned once again for the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. And if you travel a lot or want to travel with style, then grab an ultra-chic trolley as your companion on your journey.

The latest Chanel Coco Case Trolley Bag is made from velvet, quite interesting isn’t? Well, let’s talk more about the design.

The Design


What’s so special about the Coco Case Trolley? First it’s naturally diamond quilted, I mean, its ‘Chanel’ right? Then there is a handle on the side, in case you want to hand carry your oversized trolley. On the other side, you can find a side pocket for instant access to your vital essentials. The wheels can roll 360 degrees, so you won’t have any obstacles when turning.

The top of the bag also comes with a short handle – this handle is beautified with woven chain leather, just like on Chanel’s Classic shoulder straps.




Can you see the Camellia Flower Pattern?

The velvet material is very notable because it shines harder than leather editions. There is also a Coco Case Trolley embellished with light camellia flower patterns on the velvet leather. So what do you think about that?

Even the zippers are luxurious as they’re engraved with the house’s signature. They’re also refined with lovely golden hardware.

The Interior


Instagram @The Real Real

The inside is made with black woven lining with black mesh overlay. If you open the bag, you will find one large compartment as well as two zip pockets at the interior walls, and a zip around closure. This trolley is made to store everything you need for travelling, it’s large enough to help you transport your personal items. And it’s totally matchy matchy if you also get the Chanel XXL Classic Flap Bag.

The Prices And Sizes

The style code is A69946, measuring 21.7’ x 14.6’ x 8.7’ inches, priced at $6250 USD, €6000 euro, £5340 GBP, $9510 SGD, $47300 HKD, $8820 AUD, ¥760320 JPY, ¥46500 CNY, 29860 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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First seen during the Prada Cruise 2018 Runway and it has finally been released. Introducing the Prada Monochrome Bag, a promising new tote bag. When we think of Prada, we tend to think about the Saffiano Lux Tote, which is one of our favorite handbags. Even tough this bag can never be replaced, we still wonder which Prada bag can become the next iconic. And maybe, just maybe, the Prada Monochrome Bag is the chosen one. Don’t you think so?

The Design

The design of the Monochrome Bag is a combination of Prada’s previous released tote bags. It could be that they have taken all the best components and put them together to create a complete new tote. The shape for example, looks a lot like the Prada Esplanade Tote Bag because of the trapezoid body refined with a curved top. And while other Prada Bags are crafted with the signature triangle logo or just the Prada logo in gold hardware, the Monochrome Bag is made with the Prada logo that matches to the color of the bag. We think this is gorgeous and the size of the logo is perfect too – not too small and not too big.

This bag is finished with double leather handle and leather shoulder strap. You can carry it by hand, on your shoulder or cross body. The side of the bag is interesting too as it’s made with two snap closure in case you want to shrink or expand the size of the interior. The front also comes with the new larger-sized tag, which partly made from gold hardware. The Monochrome Bag is made from calf leather and Prada has always been known for impeccable quality of leathers.


The Interior

This tote bag can be your next everyday bag because of the interior. Inside you will find one large compartment for your daily items but also two pockets including one with zipper closure to keep your important essentials safe. The size is big enough to store your small laptop or documents for work. The look is stylish as well and can be used for special occasions as well as casual days.

The Sizes And Prices

Prada Monochrome Bag
Style code: 1BA155
Size: 13’ x 9.8’ x 6’ (L x H x W) inches
Prices: $1990 USD

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