You Can Now Send Greetings with Cards Shaped Like Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton

By now, we all know that luxury brands make a lot more than just the straightforward stuff like bags and shoes. There are sporting goodsleather sculpturespaperweightschess sets—anything you might reasonably dress up as fancy and market to those with a massive amount of expendable income. Today, we have another entrant to the pantheon of niche luxury goods: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle greeting cards, three for $74.

$74 is an astronomical amount of money for greeting cards of any kind, but in Vuitton’s meager defense, the cards aren’t just simple, once-folded lengths of paperboard. Instead, they’re a little craft project: you punch them out along a series of perforations and fold them up to look like real Petite Malle bags, complete with surprisingly realistic-looking exteriors. For $74, though, it seems like they should already come cut out. Also, it’s unclear how one might mail these.

Yeah, it might be easier to address them flat and have their recipient be the one to complete the little craft project? Or, perhaps they’re best saved for in-person card exchanges.

Either way, they’re a little pricey, but there are dumber things to spend far more money onand these are impressively realistic, at least in pictures. You can get a set for yourself through Louis Vuitton; they appear to be sold out on the brand’s website.

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Louis Vuitton


When Nicolas Ghesquiere decided to create the Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag, he was inspired by the Parisian elegance. He wanted to create a practical city bag that can be used for work as well. The City Steamer Bag is truly one of a kind, because there are now three unique versions. The first one is the original City Steamer Bag, the second one is the City Steamer One Handle Bag and now the third version is the Pochette City Steamer Bag for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection.

The Design

The Pochette version of the City Steamer feels and looks a lot like the City Steamer One Handle Bag. They’re both crafted with the engraved padlock in the center, the nametag attached to the handle and of course, the front flap.

However, the Pochette City Steamer Bag is more like a shoulder bag than a tote bag while the City Steamer One Handle Bag is a complete tote bag. Besides the single handle, it also comes with a removable chain for shoulder or cross body carry. But unfortunately, this chain cannot be adjusted.

The front flap is also adorned with golden studs around the edges. The bag is made from Veau Perle, which is a luxurious calfskin. One thing that I like about the Pochette City Steamer Bag is its flexibility and adorable size. Think about it; it’s smaller than a tote bag, but you can still carry it by hand. And when you carry it on your shoulder, it’s very cute too. I love its multi-use. And by the way, the shape does remind me a bit of the Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag.

The front is made with one zipped pocket at the back and one front flat pocket with turn lock and loop for the padlock.

The Interior

This bag is smaller than a medium-sized tote bag and therefore it’s obvious that the interior is smaller. But there are days when you don’t want to carry a large bag; then this one could be your perfect partner.

The interior is well-structured and perfect to use as an everyday bag. It features one main compartment and one internal pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 9.8’ x 8.3’ x 3.9’ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2940 USD, $3600 CAD, £1960 GBP, €2100 euro, $24300 HKD, ¥22500 CNY, ¥345600 JPY via Louis Vuitton Boutiques

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Fall-Winter 2017 Womens Louis Vuitton: Graphic Flowers

Louis Vuitton


Flowers have this innate ability to warm up the soul and are very much associated with beauty and joy. You receive flowers at anniversaries, birthdays, weddings… the list goes on and on. Symbolising pure bliss with the ability to make any lady smile, with the only downer being the fragility of it all because fresh cut flowers usually don’t last more than a week, especially in our harsh hot climate.


And because Louis Vuitton understands hashtags like #flowersmakemehappyand #ihavethisthingwithflowers, some bags from from their latest Fall-Winter 2017 collection have floral patterns in shades of blue, green and pink (while some others have the same print in black and white) printed on the leather in styles like the City Steamer, the Petite Malle, the Pochette Métis and the Twist. An extension of Nicolas Ghesquière’s runway line-up where ‘the city blends with distant landscapes, the masculine blurs with the feminine, the day shades imperceptibly into night’, it could explain the juxtaposition of the lush colourful florals against the stark graphic monochrome ones.


Dubbed the New Classics, these 4 have also quickly become the French luxury house’s go-to bags for fans, some because of form (like the Petite Malle), others for their function, like the City Steamer. Priced fromSGD3600 for the Pochette Métis Mini all the way to SGD7900 for the handsome Petite Malle, you could also check out the PF Twist Wallet if you’re looking something smaller, with the one in the compact size priced at SGD1410. All of which are either at or will be available at Louis Vuitton boutiques in Singapore soon.

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The New Louis Vuitton Pernelle Tote is Great for Big Bag Lovers and Frequent Travelers Alike

Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton City Steamer One Handle Bag

Sometimes a new idea is not entirely new. Sometimes you can take two concepts and put them together to create a new way of seeing things. Perhaps that’s how the Louis Vuitton City Steamer One Handle Bag is created for the Fall winter 2017 Collection. You see, not long ago we introduced the City Steamer Bag, which is now on its way to become the house’s classic. After that, Louis Vuitton releases the One Handle Bag, inspired by the historic trunkmaker. Now both of these bags have been melted together, clever isn’t?


Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag


Louis Vuitton One Handle Bag

The Design

The Louis Vuitton City Steamer One Handle Bag is just like the original City Steamer Bag. It’s a tote bag with the signature LV lock crafted in the center. The shape is the same as well, but there are also differences.

One of the biggest changes is the front flap and the iconic Torron handle. There is just ONE handle while the original City Steamer has two. The front flap and the Torron handle are both copied from the Louis Vuitton One Handle Bag.

Another surprising new addition is the chain for shoulder carry. It’s unexpected because the original City Steamer Bag as well as the One Handle Bag is both designed with leather strap. This chain short, but beautiful and adds an extra touch of luxury to the overall look. On the back of the bag, you will also find a zipped compartment in case you need instant access to your essentials. Behind the front flap, there is also a pocket with turnlock and loop for padlock.

This bag is made from Veau Perle, which is durable calf leather.

The Interior

One advantage of the City Steamer Bag is the well-structured and spacious interior. Inside you will find one large compartment and one double pocket to store your stuff.

The Sizes And Prices

This bag measures 9.8’ x 8.3’ x 3.9’ (L x H x W) inches and is priced at $4850 USD, $5800 CAD, €3400 euro, £3150 GBP, $35000 HKD, ¥32500 CNY, ¥540000 JPY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

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Other Brands


Diorama Handle Clutch With Chain


Diorama WOC

It’s named the Diorama Clutch with Chain, but it’s not much different than the Diorama Wallet On Chain Bag. I would say, this Diorama Bag is even better because it comes with a handle. This new bag is from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, let’s talk about the design and the differences between the WOC version. Excited? Read on!

The Design

Chanel has the Boy Bag, Dior is competing with the Diorama Bag. Both are boyish-inspired and crafted with large bold chains. The Diorama Bag needs no introduction because it has been featured on Bragmybag multiple times. It’s also one of the most talked-about handbags in the fashion community.

The Diorama Bag is best known for its signature crest-shaped clasp, which looks like a badge. The Large Cannage design is Dior’s own iconic version of quilting. This is a gorgeous handbag and it should be on your never-ending wish list.

Diorama Handle Clutch with Chain vs Diorama WOC

I think both are fabulous and they’re not competing but complementing. The Diorama Clutch with Chain Bag comes with an extra handle for hand carry. This handle reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s Pochette Metis Bag, which is not only handy but extraordinary stunning. This one small addition creates a complete different look, setting itself apart from the Diorama WOC.

The chains on both Diorama bags can be removed to change into an evening clutch. One more small difference between these two bags is the sizes. The Diorama Handle Clutch with Chain is measured 19 x 11 x 4 cm while the Diorama WOC is measured 19 x 12 x 3 cm. The size difference is not huge, but it has to do with the interior design. Let’s talk about that.

So in short, what are the biggest differences?

  • The handle
  • The sizes
  • The interior (we will talk more about this below)


The Interior

The inside Diorama Handle Clutch with Chain is well structured and can carry all your basic stuff. The interior is made up with one large compartment, which includes an removable internal zip pouch and 2 card slots

The interior of the Diorama WOC is made with one large compartment, 4 credit card slots, 1 flat pocket and 1 zipped pocket.

So the Handle Clutch with Chain has less pockets but it comes with a removable zip pouch. The Diorama WOC has more pockets and the sizes of both bags are almost identical.

The Sizes And Prices

The Diorama Handle Clutch With Chain Bag is measured 19 x 11 x 4 cm, the chain is measured 120 cm. The price is unknown for now, please check with the SA for more details.



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