Chanel Debuts 60 New Wallets, WOCs and Small Leather Goods with Prices in Pre-Collection Fall 2017 Lookbook

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Are you ready for the next collection? Yes, there is no stopping in the fashion world, either move forward or stay behind! Chanel just unleashed the upcoming Metiers D’Art handbags on the runway and we’re stunning by the new choices.

The Metiers D’Art is a special collection where Chanel creates a set of fashion pieces mixed with the culture of Paris and the culture of another country. This year’s theme is Paris-Hamburg.

The Chevron Bag With Diamond Quilted Bag


Whenever you’ve designed countless of Chevron and Diamond Quilted handbags, it’s time to mix them together. For the Paris-Hamburg Collection, Chanel created a Squared Chevron Shoulder Bag but stitched to the iconic Diamond Quilted Flap Bag. Now you can get two timeless bags for the price of one!

The Lady’s Bag


Did Dior discontinue the Diorissimo Bag? Or are you still thinking about the Chanel Cerf Tote? Well, there is an upcoming handbag that reminds me both the Diorissimo and the Cerf darling. The name must still be announced, but the design has already been revealed. This bag is made with beautiful curves, refined in tweed (we hope also in leather) and beautified with CC charm. This handbag is feminine, ladylike and perfect for the modern woman.

More Clutches


I remember the Lego Clutch With Chain, one of the most-talked-about perplex clutch of Chanel. Now there are more variations, each with it’s own lettering and design. And for the upcoming collection, these are the latest.

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I Really Want This Velvet Chanel Boy Bag

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I, like many of you, love a good Chanel Bag. However, I am also a bit put off by the ever rising price tag on Chanel bags (really, it’s been insane). I then find myself looking at other brands because the design and quality are just as good as Chanel without the hefty price tag. But, sometimes you stumble upon a bag that just speaks to you and makes you want to grab your keys, hop in your car, and drive to the store and buy it (I’d order online but Chanel hasn’t joined 2014 yet so you can’t buy bags off their site).

So what’s the bag that I’m lusting after? This Chanel Velvet Boy Bag. Let me get a few things out of the way: I do not need this bag, I’m not sure this velvet bag will hold up well, and at $3,800 there are countless other bags that would be better suited for my collection. But sometimes, you find yourself liking a bag you wouldn’t otherwise be drawn to, and for reasons you can’t quite explain, you just love it.

That’s me with this bag.

I can say that I love the Boy Bag, and that’s nothing new for me, but I don’t really want the small size as it doesn’t fit as much as I’d like. I do think one of the main reasons I love this bag is the color, more specifically the burgundy color on chevron velvet.

This combo makes me want to go on a fall drive in the middle of the mountains. I suppose the cold front that came through Florida over the past couple of days got me in the mood. I worry that the raised chevron velvet would show wear quite easily, after all velvet tends to break down quicker and look more worn, but even with all of these cons, I still find myself loving this bag.

I suppose that’s one of the great aspects of fashion – it doesn’t always need to be practical. I have plenty of practical bags, but if you ask me today what bag is on my wishlist, I’d tell you this one. Buy via Chanel for $3,800.

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So what kind of handbag are you looking at? Is this just a seasonal bag? No it’s not! It’s the Chanel Large Classic Tote Bag, but in the Coco Vintage style. And while the Classic Large Tote looks smoother (and more like the Classic Flap Bag), this new tote looks more like vintage-like.

So meet the Chanel Large Coco Vintage Timeless Tote Bag from the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design


Of course, this tote bag looks completely different than the smooth Large Classic Tote Bag, however they are both from the same design. The only difference is the exterior.

The Large Coco Vintage timeless Tote Bag is designed with a streamlined squared shape. The top part is crafted in smooth leather while the bottom part is refined in diamond quilting. This handbag is destined to look vintage, just like the tote bags from the 70’s. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy pre-owned to get a lovely vintage Chanel Tote, now you can have it brand-new, fresh-baked from the Chanel boutique.


The center of this bag is crafted with vintage CC logo in gold hardware. It comes with long woven chain leather handles for shoulder carry. And the most beautiful thing about this handbag is that it features a back pocket, resembling the idea of the original 2.55 Flap Bag.

This bag is made from lambskin.

The Interior

Inside this handbag, you will find the main compartment with a zip/patch pocket. There is enough space for your daily essentials and more. To have good view of how the interior looks like, please go to Chanel Large Timeless Tote Review.

The Prices And Sizes

Style code: A57030, measuring 10.6’ x 13.8’ x 4.3’ inches, priced at $4000 USD, €3600 euro, £3340 GBP, $6050 SGD, $31400 HKD, $AUD, ¥478440 JPY, 19000 MYR, $5025 CAD via Chanel boutiques.

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Chanel Reverses Course, Says Online Sales Aren’t Coming Anytime Soon

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In 2015, we reported some exciting news: Chanel had publicly declared its intention to launch online sales of some of its fashion pieces. At the time, Chanel’s president of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky said that the brand was testing methods to launch e-commerce on its website (beyond the cosmetics, fragrance and sunglasses it already sells there), and that shoppers could look forward to it as early as Fall 2016. Obviously that has yet to happen, and now the same Chanel executive has reversed course, according to a report by Business of Fashion.

BOF reports that at a Vogue conference in Paris this week, Pavlovsky told the audience that Chanel has no plans to launch further online retail categories. “If you give everything to everyone straight away, I think you lose that exclusivity. I’m not saying we won’t try it one day, but if we do it will be because we’ll really think there’s some added value,” he said. That’s pretty unambiguous: if you had dreams of ordering a brand new Chanel bag online, straight to your door, that’s just not going to be possible.

This announcement comes on the heels of just the opposite from one of Chanel’s competitors: Céline recently launched its Spring 2018 collection with e-commerce in France, as well as a promise to US shoppers that online sales would be coming in the new year. Céline is an LVMH brand, though, and its parent company has long embraced online shopping. Chanel, on the other hand, is privately owned instead of managed by a conglomerate, which means it has fewer people it needs to please with its business decisions.

And by all indications, lack of online sales hasn’t slowed Chanel down in recent seasons. The brand doesn’t release sales figures, but based on what we can see from the outside—things like celebrity support and difficulty finding the most popular bags in stock in stores—it seems like the brand has little to worry about in the realm of consumer interest.

If you’d still rather buy online than in a store, the internet does allow you some alternatives, so long as you’re okay with buying pre-owned bags. Earlier this year, we put together a guide to all your best options for doing just that.

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If you can remember, we talked about the Deauville Clutch With Chain extensively. We have also told you that the Deauville Line consisted only of a few tote bags, but now it has been expanded with these brand-new Chanel Deauville Wallets. Now caution, because these are not regular wallets, but they’re classic wallets coated with Canvas and the design of Deauville. Now let’s talk more about that, shall we?

The Design


A Deauville Wallet is always crafted from Canvas and it’s embellished with the house’s logo on the front in large size. For this season, Chanel has released a couple of classic wallets in new Deauville coating. One of the wallets is the Classic Zip Around Wallet, another one is the Classic Flap Wallet and all of these were already featured in our Classic Wallet Review.

What’s exciting is the experience of Canvas, which is obvious different than leather. The oversized logo ‘CHANEL CC’ and the 31 RUE CAMBON are designed to make a statement and to help you flaunt without effort. They’re also a great match if you’ve already owned the Deauville Tote Bag.

The Interior

To see the interior, you can visit our Classic Wallet Page. Even tough the exterior design is not the same, but the interior is.

Each of these wallets are crafted for daily use, so there are plenty of spaces to organize your essentials like cards, paper money and coins.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Small Deauville Zip Around Wallet
Style code: A84414
Size: 3.5’ x 6.1’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $525 USD, €480 euro, £445 GBP, $810 SGD, $5100 HKD, $750 AUD, 2550 MYR

Chanel Deauville Zip Around Wallet
Style code: A80056
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $750 USD, €720 euro, £660 GBP, $1210 SGD, $4200 HKD, $1120 AUD, ¥78840 JPY, 96120 JPY, 3800 MYR

Chanel Deauville Flap Wallet
Style code: A80053
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 1.2’ inches
Prices: $650 USD, €640 euro, £590 GBP, $1080 SGD, $6300 HKD, $990 AUD, ¥85320 JPY, 3800 MYR, 3380 MYR

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