There are two new handbags to look for in the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. First is the H Box Shoulder Bag, second is the new Cinhetic Bag. Both bags are recently introduced and look very modern.

Today we will be reviewing the Hermes Cinhetic Clutch Bag, but keep in mind that there is also a shoulder box bag version available. Now let’s dive into the details.

The Design


The vision of the Cinhetic Bag is to look boxy and futuristic. That vision has been achieved if you take a closer look at the design. The font and the structure used to craft the new ‘H’ logo in the center looks more like a robotic-symbol, something that’s made in the future.

The Cinhetic Bag is designed in square shape and a flap. To get into the interior, you will need to turn the ‘H’ lock. This bag is made from Mysore goatskin, which is a soft but durable leather. It’s the perfect choice for this bag, because it makes you feel comfortable and light when carrying this clutch.

The overall look of the Cinhetic Bag is elegant, minimalistic and ladylike. It matches to almost all of the styles in your wardrobe.

The Interior


Turn the ‘H’ lock to get into the interior. Inside you will find one small compartment to store all your evening accessories. And there is also a patch pocket to store other important stuff like credit cards and paper money. The interior is not very spacious, so the amount of essentials it can carry is also limited.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 18.3 x 17 x 8.5 cm, priced at €3450 euro, £3170 GBP via Hermes boutiques

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The silk twill trend will never end because it’s a part of Hermes’ DNA. Just like the forever-famous Silk Twill Scarves, it’s one of the most favorite accessories among the fashion-obsessed. Last time we’ve also featured the adorable Silk Twill Heart Purses, which is a must-have in our opinion. Another stunning creation is the Silk Shopping Bags. But today we’re going to talk about a new and limited edition design. It’s called the Hermes Set Of Three Pouches from the Petit H Collection.

The Design


One vital thing you need to know about the Set Of Three Pouches is that they’re entirely made from Silk. And it’s the same Silk like the Silk Twill Scarves. So if you’re looking for a high fashion pouch, then perhaps you should stop and consider these gorgeous designs. And after all, it’s three pouches for the prices of one. Now where in the world can you get a deal like that from Hermes?

These Silk Twill Pouches are crafted with buttons that function as a closure. You get three pouches in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Each pouch is embellished with a unique multicolor print. Each print has a meaning and it’s a work of art. The prints are also colorful, so they will attract eyes and attention.

These pouches are ideal to help you carry personal belongings when you’re on a journey. However, you can also carry them when going out or in an important event. It goes well in a colorful dress for the summer as well. The ideas are endless.

The Interior

There is not much excitement about the interior of these pouches. There is just one large space to help you carry stuff. These three pouches are also easy to transport and they will not eat a lot of your space in your bag (or luggage if you’re travelling. You see, you can put each pouch inside another and then fold it.

The Sizes And Prices

There are three pouches, but you get them for one price. Each pouch has different size, see here below:

Hermes Small Silk Twill Pouch
Size: 26 x 15 cm

Hermes Medium Silk Twill Pouch
Size: 35 x 22 cm

Hermes Large Silk Twill Pouch
Size: 46 x 29 cm

The price of the set of three pouches is £370 GBP via Hermes boutiques.

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Sometimes an accessory is between a cover and a bag. But when it’s eye-catching enough, then it’s worth to write a story about it. Introducing the Hermes Tablet Cover Bag, this might be a limited edition because it’s from the ‘Petite H’ Collection. This bag is perfect for both women and men and there are several colors to choose including the house’s signature orange color.

The Design


Hermes is all about the leather and that’s why the design of this Tablet Cover Bag is minimalistic. This bag is perfect for carrying a tablet, but also a laptop (depending on the size). It’s made from Togo Calfskin and available in solid colors. This simple style is ideal for work, business meetings and special events.

The Tablet Cover Bag is made in squared shape with strong leather, because its purpose is to protect your items inside. The most beautiful part is the design between the top handle and the body of the bag. You see, this part of the design is inspired by the Kelly Lock.

Each of these bags is made using the materials available at the time of its creation, which makes each bag completely unique.

The Interior

The luxury starts from the outside, but it finishes in the inside. The interior is made with Evercolor Calfskin and padded lining. The inside features one large compartment for your tablet or laptop.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 35 x 27 x 5 (L x W x D) cm, priced at £2710 GBP via Hermes boutiques.

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One of the components that made the Hermes Kelly Bag immensely popular is the Kelly Lock. This lock has been copied to other Hermes bags like the Picotine Lock Bag, the Herbag Zip Bag and the So Kelly Bag. This lock has become a signature item in the fashion world.

Carry The Kelly Lock As A Watch


To perfectionize your Kelly style and if you’re obsessed with the Kelly Lock, you can now carry the Kelly Lock as a Watch. Meet the Hermes Kelly Lock Watch, a lock that’s inspired by the Kelly Bag with a clock in the center. It’s a very clever and chic design.

This watch is made in Switzerland and crafted from steel with silvered dial and quartz movement. It comes with a single-loop leather strap, so it feels like it’s a piece from the Kelly Bag. The leather strap is made from luxurious leather like Natural Barenia Calfskin.

The Kelly Lock Watch design is distinctive and it’s not something you see in the watch store. The center is branded with the ‘H’ logo, featuring the brand’s signature ‘Hermes Paris’.

Sizes And Prices

There are different sizes and prices. There are also silver and gold hardware available. Here are the details:

Hermes Kelly Lock PM Watch in Single-loop Barenia Calfskin leather strap
Size: 20 x 20mm, wrist size: 135 – 155mm
Price: $2575 USD, €2100 euro, £1750 GBP

Hermes Kelly Lock PM Watch with Double-loop Barenia Calfskin leather strap
Size: 20 x 20mm, wrist size: 145 – 160mm
Price: $2725 USD, €2200 euro, £1850 GBP

Hermes Kelly Lock PM Watch with Single-loop Grained Calfskin leather strap
Size: 20 x 20mm, wrist size: 145 – 160mm
Price: $2775 USD, €2350 euro, £1900 GBP

Hermes Kelly Lock PM Watch with Double-loop Barenia Calfskin leather strap and in matt white dial
Size: 20 x 20mm, wrist size: 145 – 160mm
Price: $2925 USD, €2450 euro, £2000 GBP

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Hermes-Histoire-Naturelle-Card-Holders 1

As an extension of the Petite H accessory line, new Hermes Histoire Naturelle Cardholders have been designed and released. These are artful cardholders, limited edition and only available for a short period of time. Last time we’ve also featured the Animal Leather Charms and the Silk Twill Heart Purses.

The Design

The Histoire Naturelle Cardholders are truly a unique design. All are crafted in multicolors and in luxurious leathers like goatskin mixed with lizard or calfskin with goatskin. Each cardholders is designed with an animal or nature landscapes, you can choose from icescape to wetland or you can choose crocodile, sea lion or cute polar bear. The choice is yours, but it’s hard to pick because every one of them is addictive.

The Interior

The cards are boring, so they will hide behind the artful design of these cardholders. So when you pull one cardholder out, all eyes will be focused on the beautiful leather and the fabulous look. Each cardholder can accommodated 3 cards.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 6.8’ x 9.5’ x 0.2 m, priced from £365 GBP to £520 GBP via Hermes boutiques.

The prices vary due to the leather options. For example, the crocodile-shaped card holder is partly crafted from calfskin, goatskin and Porosus crocodile skin. Because of the luxurious crocodile leather, the price will also be more expensive. This cardholder is retailing for £520 GBP.

Cardholders with Lizard leathers are priced at £460 GBP. Cardholders with normal calfskin or goatskin leathers are priced at £365 GBP.

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Not a new bag, but it’s good to mention it. The Hermes Arion Bag has been with the house for quite some time and it’s a stunning practical tote bag. The design is crafted as a unisex item, but the focus is all about the interior and the strong exterior. This bag is made to be durable en strong. Let’s talk about that.

The Design


Crafted in mix Taurillon Cristobal Leather and Evercalf Calfskin, this bag is made to help you transport anything you need from A to B. The Arion Bag is also available in other materials like Canvas. The design is quite minimal but chic and business-like. It’s perfect for work, as a weekend bag or as a sports bag.

The front is crafted with (leather) buckle a straps that are connected with the top handles. The handles can be adjusted to your comfort and are crafted for easy carrying. The colors options are endless, but usually in solid colors. However, you will also be able to find mixes like black and brown.

The Interior


Zip the bag open to find one large compartment to put all your daily essentials. Inside you will also find 5 inside pockets and a zip pocket. This bag is comparable like the Speedy Bag.

The Prices And Sizes

Hermes Medium Arion Bag
Size: 19.7’ x 8.3’ x 11.8’ (L x H x D) inches
Price: $5150 USD

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